Apricot kernel oil and other hair care cosmetics. Which ones are the best?

Apricot kernel oil is pressed from the seeds of very tasty and healthy fruit. It is widely used in the food and beverage as well as cosmetic industry. Many women have discovered its amazing action. You can be one of them too. Keep on reading and you’ll know everything.

Everything you should know about apricot kernel oil

First of all, apricot oil has beautifying properties. It brilliantly polishes hair, smooths and makes it soft to the touch. Besides, apricot kernel oil prevents ends from splitting, as well as protects from damage caused by the heat generated by hairdressing equipment, sun radiation, free radicals, detergents and many other harmful external factors. Apricot kernel oil also strengthens hair follicles, provides scalp with many nutrients and stimulates hair growth. This oil can be found in Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive, Redken Diamond Oil or Alterra Naturkosmetik. However, If you would like to try out other products that work in a similar, or even better way, do not hesitate. Test cosmetics with argan oil, shea butter, cupuaçu oil, castor oil or evening primrose oil.

Such oils will take care of your hair!

Argan oil, Shea and cupuaçu butter, castor oil and evening primrose oil are found in many popular beauty products. The first one is the main ingredient of Moroccanoil Treatment Original and Moroccanoil Treatment Light. Cosmetic butters are contained primarily in dense masks and conditioners such as the Nacomi brand. Castor oil and evening primrose oil are found in many shops and pharmacies in various forms. Each of these products provide slightly different effects and will not provide you with great results on their own. However, there is a cosmetic that combines the properties of all butters and oils. This is Nanoil, which contains castor oil, evening primrose, argan oil as well as shea and cupuaçu butter. What properties do these oils have?

Nanoil Hair OilNanoil Hair Oil

Source: nanoil.us

All of the above mentioned oils and butters: Argan oil, castor oil, evening primrose oil, shea and cupuaçu butter can be found in one product – Nanoil hair oil. The combination of these ingredients will make your hair and scalp fully nurtured. Apply just a few drops to your hair and massage into the scalp. Argan oil will protect against free radicals and take care of the appearance of hair, castor oil and evening primrose accelerate growth, and cosmetic butters provide adequate moisture. Moreover, the use of one product is much simpler and faster than applying several oils separately.

Nacomi Hair Mask with Shea butter

hair-mask-nacomi-with-shea-butterShea butter or similar in terms of properties and composition cupuaçu butter is a component of rich and dense masks and conditioners. Nacomi has decided to use its properties in their product. Shea butter smooths and moisturises hair, facilitates brushing and drying, helps styling. In addition, it has heat protecting properties, regenerates split ends and protects against UV rays.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original And Moroccanoil Treatment Light With Argan OilMoroccanoil Treatment

Argan oil contained in these products has antioxidant and conditioning effects. It protects strands from harmful external factors and at the same time protects againstmechanical and chemical damage. Argan oil from Moroccanoil brand also has beautifying effect. It smooths strands and reduces frizz and static. It makes styling faster. Moreover, the cosmetic
enhances natural colour and improved radiance.

 Castor oil and evening primrose oil

olejek-rycynowyolejek-wiesiolkowy-166x300These two oils will be useful to those whose hair falls out excessively and became grey prematurely. The preparations strengthen the hair follicles, prevent alopecia and nourish the scalp. Apply them directly to the scalp, as this is the only way to improve the condition of your strands.