Hair care with Apricot Kernel Oil

Oil treatment is the most popular hair treatment of last months. Besides use of the most popular oils in cosmetology, you can also try some less known vegetable oils for hair nourishment. Let us introduce to you apricot kernel oil. How apricot oil works on hair?


Let's look a bit closer at the composition of apricot oil, because there is a good reason why it is called an equivalent of argan oil. Apricot kernel oil is extracted from kernels of apricot and contains lots of vitamins (including vitamin E), omega fatty acids (including oleic acid) and minerals. Big advantage of apricot oil is that it consists of vitamin B17, i.e. amygadlin, which is rarely found in vegetable products and has anti-cancer properties.


Hair care with apricot oil is not that much different from use of argan oil. The most noticeable difference is in their scent - apricot oil has less intense and much nicer almond-apricot aroma. People who don't like characteristic scent of argan oil can replace it with apricot oil. Its aroma is much less intense and properties almost identical. Light yellow apricot oil is light, doesn't weight down hair, doesn't cause irritations and is absolutely safe.


Apricot kernel oil is a natural antioxidant, which provides proper level of hydration and nourishment for hair. Diversity of omega-9 and omega-6 acids makes oil ensure complex nourishment for high and medium porosity hair.

Apricot kernel oil provides:

  • smoother and light hair,
  • deep nourishment of hair cells,
  • elimination of dryness,
  • seal of hair cuticles,
  • natural and healthy gloss,
  • emphasise of curl.


Use of apricot oil is no different from use of any other vegetable oil in oil treatment. Apricot oil is recommended to apply on damp strands before hair wash, you can also do that in the bowl, and (thanks to light formula) will be great as an oil serum for dry hair. Apricot kernel oil should be applied in small amounts, because it is very efficient, and this way you lower risk of weighting hair down.

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