Apricot Kernel Oil as an equivalent of Argan Oil

Today, we will be talking about apricot kernel oil, which is extracted from well known apricots. This natural oil with large amount of vitamins and diverse of nourishing ingredients is a serious competition to argan oil. Why? Similar composition, properties and formula – it all connects those two oils. However, you should remember that there is as many differences between them.

oil apricotVitamin oil bomb

Both oils – apricot kernel oil and argan oil – have similar composition. They contain many vitamins, including the most important vitamin E, which is responsible for young look of our skin. Among positive ingredients that support skin and hair are also fatty omega acids, which in both oils have similar concentration. However, great advantage of apricot oil is that it consists of rarely found vitamin B17, i.e. amygdalin, that can be found only in few plants. This ingredient is believed to be natural cure for cancer.

Multidimensional properties

Almost identical are properties of both oils, which mostly moisturise skin and hair. Apricot kernel oil just like argan oil indicates anti-ageing properties and makes skin more elastic, but also prevents harmful influence of free radicals, and so both oils are perfect for mature skin. What is more, both oils have protective and soothing properties and prevent typical skin and hair problems, like: dryness, exfoliation, weakening of condition. Better seems to be apricot oil, which (thanks to large amount of amygdalin) has also anti-cancer properties.

Friendly formula of oil

Apricot kernel oil is a liquid and delicate oil with clear light yellow colour. Liquid gold of Morocco is a bit more golden oil. Both oils are equally delicate and friendly to skin, because their formula is 100% safe and mild. They absorb quickly and doesn’t leave greasy layer. The main difference between argan oil and apricot kernel oil is their scent – apricot oil has delicate aroma, which resembles scent of almonds with apricot note. That is why, apricot oil is recommended as an equivalent for argan oil, which characteristic scent may not suit everyone.